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College Mandates


State and federal laws require colleges and universities to have fire safety systems and processes in place across campus, and to instruct students, teachers, and staff on what to do should a fire break out.

Specifically, Texas State Senate Bill (SB) 1138 mandates that Fraternity/Sorority representatives participate in an approved Fire Safety class and, after doing so, teach the course contents to members of their organization while being monitored by University Staff.

Federal House Bill (HR) 4137 - also known as "the Higher Education Opportunity Act" or the "Campus Right-to-Know Act" - mandates that Universities and Colleges conduct Fire Safety training and submit an Annual Fire Safety report detailing that training. University officials are also required to report specific campus events related to fire, including number of fires, causes, injuries and deaths, value of property damage, and so on.

Of course, that's on campus. When you venture off campus, the emphasis on safety drops dramatically. Which is why you need to think in terms of having an exit strategy wherever you go. When you enter a restaurant, apartment complex, sorority or fraternity house, retail store, concert venue - any building or public area - look around and form an exit strategy.


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